Now, let’s surprise the world

These are the values that I cherish.
The word “World” has three meanings to me.

The first is “World” that you can see with your own eyes.

It means doing something that always surprises people.

The second is “World” in the physical.

Even though our company has just started,
let's innovate something new, create something that has a positive impact on the world.

And the final is “World” in the sense of concept.

Boosting up your “Common Level” by getting out of values and assumptions
means you can extend your choices and raise your awareness.

Why do you want to surprise the world?


It related to the goals I had set through Replus.

I would like to inflow a lot of foreign currency into Japan and
make Japan more affluent than it is now.
Moreover, I would like to return plentifully to the partners who work at Replus too.

As you all know, Japan has been facing deflation for over 20 years.
I think it’s a very rare case in developed countries.
Particularly Japan, where the average income has not changed since 20 years ago, maybe “Abnormal”.

Compared to other countries,
low income
prices can’t rise easily.

This cycle is going around continuously.

At Replus, I started a business with a strong desire
to change this situation to a better one by following three things.

  • 01.

    Circulating a lot of foreign currency from other countries

    Expanding services to overseas markets
  • 02.

    Creating a structure to return to each of our partners

    Personnel evaluation system
  • 03.

    All partners can create your own condition, where you do and what you want

    Full remote Full flexible Consignment contract Subsidiary job is possible

By fulfilling these, you can do “Anywhere” and “Anytime” you want.
At Replus, we’re a company where you can work according to your lifestyle.

Then, let’s drive growth together and succeed in returning more profits to yourself

We’re always looking for motivated partners at all levels to join our Replus team.


What Diversity Means To Replus is to be professional and energetic.

For those who think you're,

It doesn’t matter where you live.

It doesn’t matter what nationality, gender, age.

A second job is welcome.

Use your power to change Japan’s future.
And let’s surprise the world together.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Shou Jikumaru

Senior partner Sho Jikumaru


We provide consulting to solve problems in the advertising industry.

For example, to prevent sudden suspension or freeze problems with platform account (*)
our consultants will work to understand your goals and deliver meaningful results.

* A media which can run on advertisements such as Facebook and Instagram.


Our 5 culture values are

5 culture illust


Replus is a group of specialists who are all fully remote and outsourced experts.

Regardless of hire condition, position or salary promotion or even company meeting.
We consider “Individuals” enhancing on the challenge of organizing the organization.

For example, after joining as a member by outsourcing, we entrust each department manager to work towards the same goals to achieve the best results possible.
Requesting work in a position which is close to the management may happen sometime, but it is a chance to experience and challenge where other companies can not teach it to you.

Replus organization chart

5 culture illust

Look at our team

Extend your business by working with professional and diverse individuals who are passionate about growing your business with you.

Age Age

5 culture illust

Previous Job Previous Job

Living Area Living area

  • Thailand2people
  • Tokyo, Japan1person
  • Kanagawa, Japan3people
  • Aichi, Japan1person
  • Fukuoka, Japan4people

Study What they learned

and fine art

Science 27.3

Club What they earned

Sport 54.5

Culture 45.5

Countries Visited oversea

5 culture illust

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