Intending to create a stable operating environment for Facebook advertising which compatible with all business

The registered ordinary partnership 「ANIES」 using Facebook advertising to grow their business. Although the advertisement went well they still felt like it was not possible to respond to changes in the terms of Facebook.

This time, we get the honor of interviewing Mr. Takuya Kuboyama, a director of ANIES.

First, please tell us about your business.

We are engaging in SNS list marketing, personal coaching and general affiliated business.

How do you use Facebook ads in your business?

We used to gain a list of prospective customers, recognize upsells to existing customers and attract customers to LP for EC products.

Could you tell us about the background of why you call Replus ?

The compatibility between our business and Facebook advertising is very good, and we are continuing to operate FB advertising in-house. In advertising platforms such as FB ads and Google ads, they often change the terms and conditions, although it depends on each platform. Therefore, every time that the terms of FB ads had changed, the staff in charge had to check the details carefully and take measures to ensure that the advertising operation would not be affected. There were some tough parts in terms of resources and some problems which I could not handle gradually. If you can’t comply with the terms, the delivery of FB ads may be stopped.

When I was feeling such trouble, my colleague helped me find the solution which made me think “Oh, this is what I really wanted” so I contact them immediately and that company is Replus.

What kind of requests did you make to Replus?

For us, FB ads are a cost-effective medium compared with other advertising platforms. But I felt like it was very strict with the rules. After understanding the importance of FB ads in our company, Replus set a goal of creating a stable operating environment for Facebook ads which are compatible with all businesses.

Can you tell us about your evaluation of Replus’ service?

Of course, we can’t stop the rules and algorithms changing of FB ads, so I expected Replus could understand those changes clearly and respond appropriately and I am very satisfied. Sometimes there are also some sudden changes and are unpredictable but even if a problem occurs, Replus always stands by and indicates the improvement measures and takes action guidelines based on detailed data management.

Some companies may offer similar services to Replus, but why did you choose us?

Replus provided an incredibly delicate data management and as a distributor with long-term advertising operation they tendered care even under various circumstances. I was so confident that they could provide counseling on uncertainties regarding no matter what happens with ads issues and they conduct the advantages and disadvantages without hiding them.

取材後に(左)取締役 久保山さんと(右)リプラス社長 軸丸

Thank you. Finally, could you tell us about your prospect of future business and marketing ?

Unlike general online ads, SNS ads such as FB ads can appeal like word-of-mouth to customers. I felt like they are compatible with businesses which developed for individuals. I would like to support B to C women’s entrepreneur and expand the coaching business by utilizing FB ads.

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