As a pater to rebuild our Facebook ad business

Please tell us about your business.

(Mr. Sakurai)The Advertising Division of the Barrett Group Independently established BG Technology in 2017. Our main business is in connection with an affiliated service provider called ASP, which plays the role of connecting advertisers and media partners. On the other hand, one of our characteristics and strengths is our advertising management team. The Trading Desk Division is in charge of the advertising agency business, and provides all the necessary operations for the advertising operations such as landing pages, advertising creative production and LPO. While sharing the know-how gained through this advertising agency business, working with the entire ASP network, and from media through study sessions, etc. we are doing business while thinking about increasing the value provided by both parties.


At your company, can you tell us how you are using Facebook advertisements?

(Mr. Kinugawa)At the Trading Desk Division, we provide advertising agency operations to clients on a performance-based basis. In Addition to Facebook advertisements we also use others such as google advertisements and yahoo advertisements.

Please tell us the background of your voice with Replus

(Mr. Kinugawa)Originally, I heard through the company that the ASP division has a connection with Replus, and Replus is familiar with Facebook Advertising. The Trading Desk Division wanted to operate Facebook Advertisements for a long time, but around 2020 there were a series of events in which Facebook Advertising accounts were suddenly suspended or frozen. It was a rumor not only in our company but also in the industry. At the time, I was assigned to the Trade Desk Division, and while collecting information about “well, what should we do?”, I remembered Replus and contacted them to discuss countermeasures. That was the beginning of our relationship. From the person in charge of ASP we were referred to Replus, due to their expertise with Facebook Advertising and being told how wonderful they are, I contacted Mr. Jikumaru Immediately.


What kind of consultation did you have with Replus?

(Mr. Kinugawa)We started by talking about building an account that is hard to stop or freeze. I didn’t have the experience or understanding to build a secure account to prevent unexplained account suspension / freezing, which I mentioned earlier. Though Replus is very skilled in the operation of Facebook Advertisement they are also excellent in analyzing the logic of Facebook (the background system) and had the knowledge to build a strong account to stop freezes and suspensions.


Please tell us the reason why you chose Replus even though similar services are provided by other companies.

(Mr. Kinugawa)I had consulted with several other companies, but the amount of information that Replus had was thorough and the measures that I was taught were all concrete and highly feasible. For example, another company explained that an account freezed is caused by A, so let’s take measures against B, but Mr. Jikumaru said that account freeze is caused by A, which is the logic behind Facebook Advertising A’ and would explain that we should take measures for B because of this reason. Therefore, I thought it was very easy to understand and highly reproducible.

(Mr. Sakurai)I also felt that this way of thinking was a common idea for us. In order to provide customers with effective and efficient advertising operations, A’ is the root cause of A’, and B is the countermeasure. It is important to think about the behind the scenes logic. It is important to be able to verbalize it, and I think that will lead to high reproducibility. 

Please tell us your expectations and evaluations for consulting with Replus.

(Mr. Sakurai)In the middle of frequent freezing and outages of unknown causes, I asked Mr. Jikumaru for consultation while considering how much resources should be devoted to Facebook Advertising. The numbers clearly improved from the day of the connection and the week after that. In terms of impact, I think that it was reconstructed into one pillar as an advertising medium from the point just before the decision to withdraw from Facebook Advertising. If I hadn’t been introduced to Replus at that time, there could be a possibility we wouldn’t have used Facebook Advertising now.

 Also, I feel that Mr. Kinugawa and Mr. Jikumaru, who are incharge, are compatible with each other. Mr. Kinugawa is a question person, and is the type who asks so many questions that he is drawn to the other person (laughs), and he cannot thank

Mr. Jikumaru enough to explain everything step by step, face to face.

(Mr. Kinugawa)I give a perfect score of 100 points. Even now if there is a problem, I will immediately consult Mr. Jikumaru. As Mr. Sakurai said, thanks to Mr. Jikumaru the situation of whether to withdraw from Facebook advertising has improved.

Please tell us about your future business and marketing prospects.

(Mr. Sakurai)As a trading desk for BG Technology, I think we have been able to adapt to changes in the market over the past year. From now on, we would like to further enhance the provision of value to our clients through advertising operations, and through the needs of our clients and the knowledge and ideas we have accumulated in-house, we will create new products that will be accepted by the market together with our customers. 


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